Project Planner

 How many lights, what types of fixtures, what size transformers, and how much wiring do you need?  We help you figure that out here.

 What Types of Lights Do I Need?

  • Pathway Lights:  If you’re lighting a pathway, plan to install a light every 5-6 feet, alternating sides of the path if desired.  For example, if you have a 40 foot path, you will need about 8 pathway lights on the path, distributed every 5 feet on alternate sides of the pathway.  Pathway lights have both an aesthetic and functional purpose, so it’s important to ensure adequate lighting for your walkway. 
  • Wash lights:  Washing a wall or backlighting an area usually requires a light every 8-10 feet.  For example, if the area you wish to light is 30 feet wide you will need 3-4 lights.  More lights can be added if more complete coverage is needed. 
  • Accent Lights:  Spots can be added to features or shrubs in your landscape as you wish to accent particular items.  How many you will need will depend largely on how many accents you have and how large they are. 
  • Hardscape/Patio Lights:  Step lights should be installed on every step.  Like patio lights, these are both aesthetic and functional. 


  • Hardscape and Deck Lighting
  • Accents and Washes
  • In-Ground Lights
  • Path/Walkway Lights
Transformers?  What Are They?  Why Do I Need Them?

Our outdoor lighting fixtures are all equipped with LED bulbs and  run on a 12 volts of power.  Since the electricity coming into our homes is 110 volts, a transformer is needed to adjust the voltage to the appropriate level.  Depending on the number of lights you need, we have 3 different transformers to meet your needs.  Our 75 watt transformer will typically handle 12-15 fixtures running at 4 watts each.  

Outdoor Lighting Planning Calculator

Use the form below to get an idea of what you will need to complete your outdoor lighting project.  Please note: this is an approximation designed to help you plan.  Please contact us when you’re ready to install your lighting.