Low Voltage Lighting 101

You spend many hours on your home landscaping – it looks absolutely stunning during the day.  Now you can highlight your landscaping during the evening with a variety of techniques and fixtures all available through Lume Outdoor Lighting.

Types of Lights

There are many ways to highlight your landscaping and each approach may require different types of lighting fixtures.  Before you get started in a lighting project, it’s important to know the different lighting options available and what each fixture does.  We’ve included a description of each type of light and some typical applications below.

  • Hardscape and Deck Lighting
  • Accents and Washes
  • In-Ground Lights
  • Path/Walkway Lights
Deck and Hardscape Lights

After spending lots of time and resources on a beautiful outdoor oasis, it’s time to accent it with lighting, providing an evening setting like no other.  Hardscape and deck lighting can help you do that.  Typically, the fixtures are streamlined to blend in with the hardscaping so as not to be noticed.

The primary goal of accent lighting on hardscaping is to accentuate the features of the brick or stone, while hiding the light fixture itself.  When placed on stairs or railways, low voltage lighting also serves as a safety feature as it illuminates steps and handrails for your guests.  Our fixtures at Lume Outdoor Lighting are designed to withstand the rigors of a well-used patio while performing consistently through the seasons.  Shop for fixtures here.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting comes in many shapes and sizes, and depending on your desired effect there are many ways to accomplish your goal.  Washing a wall or spotlighting a particular feature of your landscaping can draw attention to it, while backlighting a shrub or other item creates a more subtle glow.

Talk to us at Lume Outdoor Lighting to find the best result for your particular project or browse our lighting fixtures here.

In-Ground Lighting

Flush with the ground or walkway, in-ground lighting creates a beautiful glow emanating from the surface of the driveway or your garden bed.  These lights are easy to install, have very few maintenance requirements, and are designed to withstand the weather, foot traffic, and even vehicle tires. See our fixtures here.

Path and Walkway Lights

Path and walkway lights are both functional and decorative.  They add much needed light to your path at night while providing a beautiful accent to your outdoor landscape.

Manufactured from durable brass, these path lights will give your walkway an elegant look which will complement the rest of your home.  See them here.